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Illusions - Art gallery

Ashwinder - Ship specific Snape/Granger - any story featuring Snape and Granger.

The Burrow - Weasley Family archive - any story featuring a Weasley family member.

Chaos - A various fandom and original works archive - any story from another fandom, crossover or original stories.

Dissendium - Slash and Femslash - any story featuring slash/femslash.

Erised - Witches archive - any story featuring an witch character from HP.

Grimmauld Place - Black Family archive - any story featuring a Black family member.

Incendio - any story featuring three or more in a relationship.

Legilimency - essays and metas on canon, movies, fanon, or fanfics.

Lumos - General HP archive - any story that does not fit the other SH archives.

Morsmordre - Voldemort and Death Eaters archive - any story featuring Voldemort/Death Eaters.

Occlumency - Snape archive - any story featuring Severus Snape.

Pensieve - Adult Character archives - any story featuring an HP character over 17 years old; stories may include current students as adults. No stories with students in Hogwarts even if they are 17.

Protego - Harry Potter archive - any story feature Harry Potter.

Pureblood - Malfoy Family archive - any story featuring a Malfoy family member.

Shrieking Shack - Marauders archive - any story featuring the Marauders and/or Lily Evans.

Wolfsbane - Remus Lupin archive - any story featuring Remus Lupin.

SH Festivals - any story entered into a SH Festival.

Dirty Dozen - Monthly challenges consisting of a dozen words.

Wannabe Admin, but the other Admins kick me out of the sand box to play with the technical and managerial aspects of the site.
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